Counseling & Guidance

Counseling & Guidance

Management of Uganda Technical College Elgon believes that due to effects/ challenges of Covid 19, most students have been faced with trauma, fear, anxiety, stress, pregnancies, marriages, loss of hope and challenged with fees payment: it’s against this back-ground that counselling department has been revamped to meet the challenge.

Responsible Office

The office of the Dean of students is fully responsible for Guidance and counselling of students. The staff under the Dean’s office have been empowered with Knowledge and the skills to offer this service

Why Guidance and Counselling at College

  1. To identity cases of neglect and abuses in students’ personal lives so as to inform their Lectures and parents for support such that the negative effects on student’s academics are minimized
  2. To provide an enabling environment for students to deal with psychological challenges or problems that could badly affect their studies and social life
  3. To equip the students with life skills like problem solving, critical thinking, analytical skills among others, which are paramount in dealing with particular issues that surround students’ life.
  4. To provide coping skills in a new environment and resilience in perusing the engineering courses, especially the girl child.

Some of the Guidance & counseling Services offered

  1. Academics and personal decisions
  2. Abilities and potentials of students
  3. Interpersonal relationships
  4. Adjustment problems
  5. Age related problems
  6. Parenting- for mothers with babies

How Guidance and counselling is done

Structured into two

  1. Individual Guidance and Counselling
  2. Group Guidance and counselling

NOTE: Aspect of privacy and confidentiality is highly embraced in the department.